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420 Smash

Rutland Sailing Club

2nd-3rd February 2019

The Everards Rutland Challenge for the Tiger Trophy was started in 1994 to encourage young sailors from different dinghy classes to sail against each other in the ‘off’ season and before winter training programmes began.

The trophy, a terracotta Chinese tiger was found in a Bristol antique shop. Tony Everard , Chairman of Everards Brewery and a Club member had supplied 420 ‘Rutland Challenge’ to enable John Merricks to continue his sailing career. The first event was mainly supported by 420’s with a few Laser 2’s and the 4000’s and 470’s to represent the transition.

This year we are running a '420 smash' during this event. The entry is via the Tiger Trophy website. Details on the main event calendar.


Rutland Sailing Club

Gibbet Lane,

Edith Weston
United Kingdom
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