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September Open Class Training

Draycote Water Sailing Club

14th - 15th September 2019

The first Open training weekend is now open for sign up. We will be running training for all levels of experience so if you are new to the class and want to work on the essential handling skills or get some practice on inland water ahead of the Autumn champs the following weekend, sign up and join the crowd at Draycote.

If any team would like to enter who doesn't have a boat please let me know as the class has boats available for the event.

The cost of the weekend is £110-/boat. This is a small increase from last year due to a reduction in RYA funding for the class training programme. Sign up at this price will be available until midnight 6th September after which the cost of late entry will increase to £150-/boat, so please enter ASAP. Apologies for the short window, all camps October to December are due to open shortly.

We are finalising details and cost of the October half-term training and should be able to announce them at the end this week. The plan is to run two camps at Rutland, each for 4 days 22-25th Oct and 29th - Ist Nov, the second week being a residential although there is an option to run both or either as a residential depending on numbers.

Online entry is now closed. Please contact if you wish to enter.


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