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SailJuice Bloody Mary 5/8

Queen Mary Sailing Club

11th January 2020

We encourage all our 420 class sailors to enter in as many of the SailJuice winter series as possible.

It is a great way of including regular winter racing into your winter training schedule, giving the sailors a chance to apply what you are working on in Youth Squads and Open Training.

The Bloody Mary Pursuit Race is the most famous dinghy handicap race held in the UK. Open to all dinghy classes with a PY number equal to or lower than the International Topper, it takes the form of a Pursuit Race with the slowest boat starting first and the faster boats starting progressively later depending on a handicap rating which is set by the Race Committee.

This iconic event, which is in the Yachts and Yachting hall of fame as one of the Top 5 events in the world, draws competitors from all over the UK and the Continent.

Please click the link below to see the entries and to get entered


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