Palamos Xmas Race 2022


17th - 22nd December 2022


Palamos is the End of the Spanish 420 racing season approx 17th to 22nd  December. The Christmas regatta is hotly contested and is a good way for sailors of all abilities to go to a warmer climate (18-22 degrees ) and line up against European competitors and see how they place.   It has a family friendly venue and as such makes for a really good trip for all the family. 


2022 Event Attendance

This is an Open event and those attending do not need to “qualify”.  Please Note:  The RYA Youth Squad are using Palamos as part of their winter training.   The RYA will work with those members of the Youth Squad regarding coach support/training and costs associated with this. 

Non RYA Youth Squad teams have, in the past, also attended the event.  The Class can help to support logistics organisation with the parents and also the provision of class assets and class coach to support transport and towing and in venue training and support (all costs to be paid by parents).

To help with planning please register here if you are interested/are intending to go. 


Key Dates

Saturday 17th Dec 22: Potential training day

Sunday 18th Dec 2022: Potential training day and Registration

19th - 22nd Dec 2022: Racing 


Event Information Pack

The attached informaiton pack provided lots of useful information regarding the event.


Event website link: 46th Palamós Christmas Race - 2022

Interest is now closed. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in attending.



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